Otago Daily times  - May 11th 2015

Owners of Dunedin's earthquake prone buildings have a reprieve from undertaking expensive repairs.

Changes have been made to earthquake rules whereby zoning levels of risk have been altered whereby Dunedin is now deemed “low risk” as is Auckland and Northland.

Previously Dunedin buildings that were at risk had to be reassessed within five years and strengthening carried out within 15 years however this now has changed whereby buildings now have to be assessed within 15 years and strengthened within 35 years.

Buildings must still reach the minimum 35% compliance in earthquake proofing.

Dr Nick Smith states “The effect of these policy changes is that buildings like schools, universities and hospitals in high and medium seismic risk areas will have to be upgraded more quickly, but buildings in low risk areas like Auckland and Dunedin, more gradually.''


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