Dunedin values rose 3.7% annually to $299,508 and were up 2.1% in the quarter. Within the city, Dunedin North and Central showed stronger annual growth at 4.8% and 2.8% quarterly growth and the average value of dwellings there is now $310,993.

Peninsula and coastal was up 3.9% annually to $275,543 and 0.5% in the quarter and Dunedin South was 1.6% annually and 1.8% quarterly, to an average value of $284,394.

Taieri values rose 1.6% annually to $309,000 and 1.8% in the quarter. Clutha values fell 0.5% to $165,313 and Gore increased 0.4% to $186,950.

QV home value Dunedin registered valuer Duncan Jack said yesterday sales numbers and listings remained low in Dunedin but buyer interest appeared to be increasing as spring approached.

''Anecdotal evidence suggested open homes are being well attended, particularly the low to mid value properties. Multi offer scenarios are also being reported, again mainly the low to mid value properties.

''The overall outlook in Dunedin is positive at present and value levels are slowly and steadily increasing,'' he said.

The average value in Dunedin of $299,508 made it one of the most affordable main centres in which to buy a house, he said.

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